Bernard's wolf






























Canis lupus bernardi

Bernard's Wolf

Bernard's wolf is called the Banks Island Tundra Wolf, Victoria Island Wolf, and the Banks Island Wolf is believed to be extinct. They are a subspecies of the Gray Wolf. The species was limited to the Banks and Victoria Island of the Canadian arctic. It was a white specimen between 60 to 110 pounds with distinct black-tipped hair which runs along the back ridge. It was named after Peter Bernard and his nephew Joseph Bernard who present the skull and skin of an adult male wolf to the National Museum of Canada. Only three to four specimens of this extinct species have been collected. The Department of Renewable Resourses sponsored a survey in 1993. No Bernard's Wolves were located. The wolves disappeared from Victoria's Island between 1918 and 1952. Excessive hunting drove this unqiue species to extinction.























Canis lupus bernardi

Extinct canine

Subspecies of Gray Wolf

Northwest Territories of Canada and the archipelago Victoria

60-110 pounds

Believed to have gone extinct in 1905 or 1910

Named for Peter and Joseph Bernard

Only 3 or 4 speciments collected

Driven to extinction by over hunting