Crab Eating Fox
Cerdocyon thous




















































Cerdocyon thous

Crab Eating Fox

The Crab-eating Fox ranges from northern South America along the eastern part of the continent, and south into Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, and Northern Argentina. They prefer savannah and woodland areas. There are 5 subspecies of Crab-earting Foxes. The back and sides of the coat of the Crab-eating Fox are a mixture of brown and gray with yellowish highlights. The underbelly is brownish white. Its face, ears and the fronts of the its legs are orange to light brown to brown. The tips of the ears and backs of the legs are black. It has short ears and a long bushy tail with a black tip. They weight from 13 to 15 pounds. They can produce one to two litters per year of from 3 to 6 kits per litter. The young become sexually mature at 9 months. The Crab-eating Fox is an omnivore and is nocturnal. They are not endangered.

The five subspecies are:

Cerdocyon thous thous found in Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam, and French Guiana Northern Brasil
Cerdocyon thous azarae found in Northern Brazil
Cerdocyon thous entrerianus found in Brazil, Bolivia.Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina
Cerdocyon thous aquilus found in northern Venezuela and Colombia
Cerdocyon thous germanus found in the Bogotá region of Colombia

Crab-eating Fox

Pair of Crab-eating Foxes


Crab-eating Foxes 


 Crab-eating puppies











Cerdocyon thous


13-15 Pounds



Produces 4-6 Pups

Lifespan: 11 years