Cuon alpinus

Dhole head shot showing lack of stop

The Dhole is an Asian wild dog. They are a unique canine in having a thickset muzzle with practically no stop. They also have one less molar in the lower jaw bringing their tooth count to 40. Most canines have a 42 tooth count. Their bushy coat color is rusty red with white on the belly, chest, and paws of some individuals. There are a number of different subspecies, some list as many as 11 or as few as 3 subspecies. Those individuals which reside in the northern parts of Asia are lighter in color and have longer guard hairs than those which live in southern regions. They have a black bushy tail.

The Dhole lives in large packs usually consisting 12 individuals although packs of 40 have been observed. There does not seem to be the same type of dominance hierarchy observed within wolf packs. The Dhole is unusual in having more than one breeding female within a pack. They also do not form the tie (locking bulbus glandis) seen in most canines, but the male and female lie facing each other in a semicircle. Several females may share their extensive den system during whelp and assist each other in rearing their young. The puppies are born back and obtain their red coloration at around 3 months of age.

The Dhole is endangered due to habitate loss and is protected in several countries. There is an estimated 2500 in the wild. Subspecies:

Cuon alpinus adustus
Cuon alpinus alpinus
Cuon alpinus fumosus
Cuon alpinus hesperius
Cuon alpinus laniger
Cuon alpinus lepturus
Cuon alpinus sumatrensis

Dhole show white markings

Dominance display in dholes

Dhole Skull


Dhole Pack



A pair of dholes


Dhole puppies







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Nyctereutes procyonoides

Subspecies of the Gray Wolf

Lifespan 4-12 years

80-120 lbs

coloration ranges from tawny grey and tan to black and pure white

4-6 puppies

Alaska Interior and Yukon

Viable population