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Canis familiaris

Egyptian Jackal

The original working terriers from which the White English Terrier was bred were small dogs (under 15 pounds) with both prick and drop ears. They came in a varity of colors. When dog shows became popular in the 1860s breeders began developing an all white terrier with prick ears. This was before cropping was banned. Unfortunately these dogs were often deaf. It was speculated that the dogs were crossed with Italian greyhounds. In the show ring they were divided into two classes, those under six to seven pounds and those over. Eventually the breed developed an apple head. These were very delicate dogs and were not working terriers. The breed disappeared sometime after the 1890s, but is believed to have contributed to the development of the English Bull Terrier and the Boston Terrier.

English White Terrier


English White Terrier

The English White Terrier was dropped by English Kennel for being just a variety of the working terrier, distinct only in its color.


The English White Terrier was inbred to such an extent that its long narrow head eventually became apple shaped.

White English Terrier


African Wolf

These dogs would have not been acceptable to breeders because of their drop ears. The heads resemble that of a smooth fox terrier, one of the breeds developed from working terriers.

 african wolf skull


White English Terrier








The specimen above shows the rounded apple shaped head.

Engine Dog

In the beginning the only distinction between English White Terriers and other working types was the color.

English Bull TerrierBoston Terrier

The English White Terrier gave rise to the English Bull Terrier and the Boston Terrier.

Canis familiaris

Extinct canine

10 to 20 pounds

coat: all white, close, hard, short, glossy

Body: muscled and firm

white english terrier