Manitoba wolf






























Canis lupus griseoalbus

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The Manitoba, Grizzly or Saskatchewan timber wolf--what do we know about it? Some websites state it is extinct. It supposedly resided in Central Manitoba and northern Saskatchewan. This subspecies of the Gray Wolf may or may not have existed. Some believe it is simply a Hudson Bay Wolf (Canis lupus hudsonicus.) This wolf subspecies was classified by Spencer Baird in 1858. The Manitoba wolf was described as being a large wolf, gray to white in color, that preyed primarily upon caribou. Hudson Bay Wolves are about 3 feet tall at the shoulder and weigh as much as 140 pounds (63 kg). Their coloring ranges from light gray to a creamy white which is how the Manitoba Wolf was described. No specimens available

Manitoba Lake

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the wolves which inhabit Manitoba today. Cattle loss and dog killings are blamed on the increase in wolves. Canada has the largest population of Gray wolves in the world, around 50,000. Ten percent are found in Manitoba along with a much smaller number of Red Wolves. Below is a photo of a Hudson Bay Wolf. This is what the Manitoba Wolf would have looked like.

Hubson Bay Wolf























Canis lupus griseoalbus

Extinct or non existent canine

Subspecies of Gray Wolf

Manitoba and Northern Saskatchewan

140 pounds

Light Gray to Creamy White in coloration