Salish Wool Dog







Canis familiaris

Egyptian Jackal

The Salish dog was a small, long haired white spitz type dog. These dogs were originally bred by the Salish Native Americans of British Columbis and Washington State. The Salish indians used the fur as a subsitute for wool and used it in the weaving of chief's blankets. The dogs were kept in groups of 12 to 20 on islands or gated caves to keep them breeding true. The Salish valued its white coat. When Europeans came with their sheep the breed disapeared. Tales of the wool dog were kept alive by oral tradition. Until recently there was no proof that this dog was actually used by the Salish in their weaving, but recent DNA anaylis proved that the Salish did use dog hair in their weavings.

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African Wolf Head















Canis familiaris

Extinct canine

small, white, longhaired

Bred by the Salish people of British Columbia and Washington State

The availability of Hudson Bay Company and introduction of sheep, dispersal of native people, interbreeding with other type dogs, led to its demise

Last specimen died in 1940